First, by now you know my style — mostly natural & candid. The photos on this page are a few examples. I try to say “cheese!” as little as possible (the little ones respond so well to it sometimes!). Don’t worry I will most definitely capture the shot of the whole family cooing and looking adoringly at your new babe. But I will not bringing a bag a props and a list of posed shots. My goal is to capture YOU, your family and the incredibly special bond between you all. The more you can interact with each other — being silly and showing affection to each other and the baby — the more true-to-you the images will be.

This being said; if you have some shots you really hope to get with specific people, a certain piece of furniture or the blanket grandma made for your sweet baby, let me know! I will happily accommodate. :)


Your home does NOT need to be spotless. I am under no disguises about how messy those newborn days are, I have two myself. Please don’t go hire a cleaner the week before or stress over the the diaper trash being taken out. Spoiler alert: the camera will not capture dust or smell so keep it simple. Maybe pick one or two rooms you and family love to naturally be in and pick up. Maybe make the bed and pick up the nursery a bit, but please — as I say to my husband who can get carried away cleaning — do not scrub the walls.

Wear something you love and feel most comfortably pretty in — maybe that blouse you’ve worn over 25 times because it makes you feel your best. A general rule of thumb is to dress yourself first and everyone else next. If you normally wear natural-looking make-up or none at all, please don’t put on a full face or a new shade. Think “when do I feel my most comfortably best?” and wear that. One tip though: solid colors or one simple pattern is best (think stripes). Graphics & loud patterns tend to busy a photograph and take the eye from the center of the photo: your babe!


Lastly, and this is probably the most important: I promise to go with the flow. Baby needs to eat? Noob has a blowout? Older sibling just can’t anymore and needs a few minutes of play? We can stop, take some deep breaths and you can do what you need. I will wait or even photograph (if you want) while you’re managing real life. I have blocked out the time and it’s all for you. I’m so looking forward to it! :)