Cross + Redemption

I don't even know where to begin. This week has been jam-packed every day with so much goodness. We've been receiving incredible lectures from Halldór Nikulás on the cross and redemption.


His teachings totally ripped up my foundation and relaid it. Revelation that has always been in The Word but I hadn't begun to grasp until now. It's changed everything! He helped me see and realize so much truth. 

A few things he touched on during his lectures:

*Eve was Adam's bride who was created out of his side rib. We are Christs bride, made pure by him dying on the cross. When he was dead they pierced his side, so The Bride of Christ was created out of his side as well.

*In the Garden of Eden,  Adam & Eve said through their actions "Not your will God, but ours." In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus cries out "not my will Father, but yours."

*The crowd demanded the release of Barabbas (Luke 23:18-20), Barabbas means "son of the Father." He was guilty, but freed. This represents us.

*At transfiguration Peter, James and John were with him. John means grace, James means to replace, Peter means stone. Grace replaces stone. Grace replaces the Law. What freedom we have! So you can see why this week's lectures were so eye-opening and freeing.

In other news, on our way to process group Arí and I found a bakery to get some delicious snacks...mmmm. And the chocolate milk here (kókómjólk) is DIVINE.

The beauty here continues taking my breath away. I walked down to the sea after class one day and just sat and stared at the beauty. "Are you serious?" I thought. I get to live in this beautiful place while learning more about God and my calling? This has to be a dream. All I can do is laugh at the seemingly ridiculous-ness and thank the Lord.