Day 1 : Iceland

I arrived in Iceland after a long day of travel today at 6:30AM (Iceland-time). It's so surreal that I am actually here, it feels like I'm in a dream. After sleeping for a couple hours my room mate, Michelle and I went out to explore. Below are some of the beautiful things we stumbled upon.

We stopped for some coffee at this adorable little shop called Kofi and Tea and sipped on amazing lattes topped with chocolate shavings. Mmm...delish! We conversed about the things God is up to and we both agreed that we felt at home here. Not so much home because Iceland is my home, but because I feel so close to Papa because I know I'm walking close, in stride with His will and plan for me, I feel at home in Him.

When we were walking back to our hostel when we passed a little lake and there were so many swans. Which is just a phenomenal God-nod because back in February I was given a prophetic word saying "you are not the ugly duckling, you are the swan, there is a place for you. I see a very short time--there is the door opening for you, and there is much more in this door than what you think is in this door. So you don't have to fear that you are trapped....this is just a drink, you just stop for a moment they're going to get to be encouraged because they get to be around a great swan...." There was more to it, but just that short bit in itself shows how much God is all over this move to Iceland. 

Those colors in the sky? Yeah, those are for real.

After exploring our hostel and climbing out the fire escape to the roof (the view was breathtaking) we ended the evening having dinner with the others soon to become family. I have to pinch myself because at times I can't believe this is real life.