Out Of The City

On Sunday Kathrin and I were walking to church and talking about our desires for after DTS and my mother heart started pounding. We got to church and it was baby-dedication Sunday! After all the baby dedications were through, the message was out of Galatians 4, when Paul is quoting Isaiah 54:

"Rejoice, O barren woman
who does not give birth.
Break forth and shout,
you who are not in labor,
for the children of the desolate are many,
more numerous than those
of the woman who has a husband."

It was then I was awakened to the fact that I do not need a Husband to have a mother heart for Gods children.


Fast forward to Wednesday night the staff showed us a video which told us our outreach was Kenya! At first I thought they were joking because we have been bugging them to tell us where we are going for outreach since we got here, but they weren't! My heart was beating so fast when they went on to share with us that they are still working out the details but we will be traveling all over Kenya working in orphanages and wherever our help was needed. This brought my mother heart desire from Sunday full circle, this was why! I was shocked at first then felt peace creep in, this was right. I know God will continue to prepare my heart but at first I didn't think my heart could handle it!

On Thursday we had Paul, who is from Kenya and attends the local church here, give his testimony. It was heartbreaking the things he saw and went though but such a testimony to God's restoration! He now lives here in Iceland with his wife and they run an organization in Kenya that we may be working with while we are there.

It was a full week and I ended it beautifully by spending some time out of the city with some friends:

The beauty, as per usual, was BREATHTAKING.

I hope you're week was as eventful as mine!