Sunrise Beauty

Sunrise photo-shoots make for great photos, but it never fails that when I wake up to my 4am alarm, I'm wondering if its worth my sleep. 

After I saw not only the beautiful sunrise but this beautiful woman, I realized it was definitely worth it. Her skills include and are not limited to: ballet, hip-hop, and choreography. I personally find her impromptu girls' night skills to be my favorite. The last one was complete with gelato and Bridget Jones!

If the personality that shines through these photographs isn't enough to capture your heart, her love for Indian children in Andhra Pradesh will. Here's a little peek at what she wrote before she left and some photos since she's been there.  I'm overwhelmed with joy each time she posts a photo.

If you'd like more information on her trip visit her blog ratchet blaster. If you want to help Rachel help kids in India visit her gofundme page.

My wish is that you would feel as inspired by her as I do. This girl is striving to not only do what she loves (dancing) but also give back in return. Her heart is pure and I am honored to know her. 


 "I will be going to India with Iris Ministries this summer for six weeks. I'll be visiting and serving at eight homes throughout Andhra Pradesh of children who have been abandoned or rescued from child slavery or human trafficking. I fell madly in love with these children and this nation while I was there over Christmas and I am excited to give whatever I can of myself to continue fighting for justice in this matter and for the powerful destinies of these children."