In high school most of my closest friends had what I viewed as "normal" families. Or I suppose what I thought to be "normal": a dad, a mom, a sibling or two and maybe a dog or cat. I had two out of four. At home it was just me and mom, that was more than enough. We had close friends who filled our house during the holidays and always had an open door to anyone who didn't have a place to go for thanksgiving. This taught me to value friendships as family and treat them as so.

As I've gotten older I've learned even that family is what you make it and I've been so privileged as I've become an adult to be surrounded by some of the best. 

This Holiday season, "family" holds a little more weight as Tyler and I have brought a wee one into this world - we daydream about traditions and what we want our "family culture" to be like. One thing we both agree is important is to always have an open door and an outside community that's always welcome inside. That our children would value family-time but also and maybe even moreso value the people and community around us. That we'd constantly be loving and reaching. 

man, we love this little guy so much!

Pinkston Family

Pinkston Family

Throughout this post are photos from family sessions I've photographed this season and a few of my little fam. Hope you enjoy and soak up every minute with the very special people in your life! Xx.