Happy Father's Day

The other day I took the following adorable photos of my two favorites and I thought I'd post them with some things I think are pretty great about Tyler being a Papa.

He changes diapers and cooks me breakfast.

When I first got home from the hospital I was overwhelmed with love. Once I called Tyler over, I was crying because I felt like I couldn't handle the amount of love I was feeling for Harper and the amount that was being poured out on me, I explained this through the tears of course. It sounds a bit cheesy and kind of like I was on drugs and I suppose it kind of was. But I just felt so taken care of by him and friends and was also feeling this immense indescribable love for a tiny human. Blame it on the hormones or whatever, all I have to say is Tyler is excellent at loving me through acts of service. And bonus: he's pretty much taken 100% of the responsibility for our other child, Míka (our dog).

He spends his free time staring at photos of Harper.

Ok ok not all his free time, but he is just as smitten with Baby H as I am and I adore watching him with the wee babe. He's such a good daddy. *heart melt*

He'd breastfeed if he could.

Seriously, he would.  In this area and all things mommy-ing has brought, he's been my biggest champion.

He likes to baby-wear.

And it's seriously like the sexiest thing ever. I'd put him right alongside sexy baby-wearers such as Ryan Gosling and Thor. Haha. *cheeky smile*

He has aced Pregnant Chicken's hilarious guide to being a new-dad.

One of my favorites being: "Get excited about the baby. I know, I know, you love that little weeble more that anything, but most new mothers are wired with this demented sense of responsibility so even if their baby is screaming like a rabid howler monkey they don't want to leave it. So if you go in and say something like "take a shower, I've missed him all day and I can't wait to hold him" she will be more willing to go bathe, eat or generally reset to be less crazy. It's win-win."

In all seriousness though, I love you babe. Happy Father's Day!