I've known Rachel for almost ten years now. We haven't always stayed in touch well but every time we spend time together it feels like a marathon hangout session. She's inspired me in more ways than I can count; but what I am most thankful for is the way she has encouraged me towards my gifts and dreams in life. Even this project, I told her about it whilst sipping on coffee at her kitchen table. She asked good questions about logistics, shared her wisdom and encouraged me to push forward in making it happen. It's not false flattery either, it's steady and true. 

She herself has her own dreams. My favorite being a new clothing line coming in 2016!

Tell me a little about your lifestyle.

I am married to my husband Israel, four years on June 4th, and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter named Scarlett. I sometimes work from home while being a stay at home mom to my daughter. I've been an active member of the Anchor Fellowship for 6 1/2 years.

I often struggle to reconcile dreams that I had pre-motherhood with post-motherhood. What are you wrestling to find time for?

I've wanted to be a fashion designer since the age of 5. I remember having this Barbie VHS that I watched over and over as a kid. There's a part in it where it goes to a factory where Barbie clothes are made and it shows the clothes being taken from a sketch through to a finished physical product. After watching that the first time, I destinctly remember pointing to the TV and saying I want to do that when I grow up! Now many year later and that is still what I want to do with my life, make clothes that express my point of view & perspective on life. It's a lot harder to find the time & some weeks it feels like a losing battle but I firmly believe that being a mother doesn't take away from my dreams but enhances them. I hope to one day pass on my trade to my daughter.

What do you hope your children know about you? and/or What do you hope to impart to your children?

I hope to impart a love of creativity & expression to Scarlett, without concern of the finished product but more just for the love of doing it. And that that love of doing would be at the heart of whatever she creates.

What have you done in the past week that you are proud of?

Something I've done in the past week is I've taken more time to be expressive in ways that are new for me, specifically with song writing and watercolor paintings. It's been really refreshing to get out of my comfort zone or normal medium and take risks with new things.

I adore the way she loves Scarlett. 

Ma Dreams is a project I started this year (2015) after having a creative craving that I felt like I couldn't quench. As a recent first-time mom I've found it extremely hard to find time for the things I love in addition to my sweet babe. I guessed that most moms feel the same. To brings us together and remind Ma's of their dreams too I started this series. Read more here: Ma Dreams.