"You know what I love? You didn't even complain about the bugs."

This is what my husband said to me Sunday night after a weekend camping with friends. I laugh to myself because this is such a telling compliment. It's true, I kind of hate the bugs. Even leading up to this trip my girlfriends and I were already reducing it to a memory. Expecting it to be awful because of the heat, the bugs, the lack of sleep...but because our husbands would have so much fun, it would be worth the memory. We're such great wives, huh? Haha. It turned out to be a blast! Our camp spot was shaded, with a breeze which helped with the heat factor and the babies (four under two years) had so much fun. The sleep was still awful but that's just part of the experience, right? I mean we're currently dealing with some sort of sleep regression with 14-month-old Baby H that makes sleep with a newborn sound amazing anyway.

It contrast to my suppressed complaints about bugs is this beautiful family whose oldest daughter is, I'm pretty sure, fearless in that arena. I know this because while I spent time with them,  I enjoyed every moment watching her beg to jump in the creek or roll in the grass. 

Meet Aislinn, a stunning mama, raising her two daughters (with hubs, Brandon) in a beautiful farmhouse built on plenty of land for them to tromp through and explore. The drive in itself was so peaceful and seeing the freedom of play and all the possibilities for adventure made me wish I was seven again. Read on to hear Aislinn's thoughts and experiences with Motherhood and her dreams for the future. 

Tell me a little about your lifestyle.

Brandon and I have been together for almost nine years now, and we have brought into the world two beautiful daughters. We live in a 1930s farmhouse that we renovated... Well... Are renovating... I'm pretty sure we will never be finished with it. Our vision for it is constantly changing. As much as it frustrates me to see unpainted walls, I love the fact that it feels more like a piece of us than it does a place to live. Brandon is a wood craftsman/master carpenter/builder of all things, really... and I am a stay at home mom these days. Our girls are seven and two months right now, and a constant source of joy in our lives. I am feeling alive again, now that the weather is warm... Looking forward to summer- long days, no school, gardens, creeks, good music, summer food, and nights on the porch with mason jars of wine.

I’d have to say that the most humbling thing I’ve encountered as a parent so far is everything Shia has ever said in line at Target... I’ve actually found myself explaining to a cashier that I don’t drink wine at 8 am before.

I often struggle to reconcile dreams that I had pre-motherhood with post-motherhood. What are you wrestling to find time for? 

I've always wanted to do something with nutrition or cooking. I love kitchen experiments. I get a silly amount of happiness from a well thought out grocery list, or a new ingredient that I've never worked with. I would absolutely love to do it professionally, but I'm not really sure even where to begin... "Professional grocery list maker! Professional general food things person! Let me shop for you and then make you.... Something (potentially delicious/potentially disasterous) And leave a huge mess in your kitchen!"

Share a funny or honest or sobering moment when something happened that put you way outside your comfort zone.

I'd have to say that the most humbling thing I've encountered as a parent so far is... Everything Shia has ever said in line at Target. I don't know what it is about Target, but holy cow. I've actually found myself explaining to a cashier that I don't drink wine at 8 am before. (She used to mix up caffeine and alcohol, both of which she knew she wasn't allowed to have.)

What do you hope your children know about you? and/or What do you hope to impart to your children?

I hope my children know just how outrageously loved they are. They gave me purpose. They make me laugh. They make me a far better person than I would have ever been without them. And the only thing I hope to impart is that they are not allowed to date ever. Just kidding. Kindness. Curiosity. Empathy. Love. And just all around being-yourself-ness. Basically everything Mr. Rogers ever said to me.

Is there another Ma in Nashville that inspires you?

Every mom, really. but my friend Courtney is pretty inspiring. she just birthed her fifth beautiful baby into the world in a pool in her living room. She's a home-schooling, food growing, baby-making goddess. Her babies are beautiful and kind and adventerous and just lovely.

Ma Dreams is a project I started this year (2015) after having a creative craving that I felt like I couldn't quench. As a recent first-time mom I've found it extremely hard to find time for the things I love in addition to my sweet babe. I guessed that most moms feel the same. To brings us together and remind Ma's of their dreams too I started this series. Read more here: Ma Dreams.