I'm thrilled to introduce you to this weeks Ma, Linsey. Her son and mine are just five weeks apart which made us prego buddies. There's a funny story around how we found out each other were pregnant. She came up to me during worship at church and whispered that she was pregnant. Somehow I heard "YOU'RE pregnant" (I had JUST found out I that was too) and I was kind of terrified since hubs and I hadn't told anyone. I mean, how did she know?!  I'm sure the delayed excitement showed on my face as I nodded my head and smiled hoping she wouldn't tell anyone else. It wasn't until I worship ended that I actually digested what she said. And I ran up to her after to congratulate her. Then, another good friend (and future doula), who was sitting in front of me, whipped her head around with wide eyes and asked "Are you pregnant?!?!" I quickly replied "No." And then spilled the beans days later Haha. Oh the joys of trying to keep pregnancy a secret in those first few weeks. 

Since the prego days, we have both celebrated our son's first birthdays (which is so surreal) and just a few weeks ago we celebrated her 30th! 

Tell me a little about your lifestyle.

I'm married to the ever talented and creative Joel! We are involved with Iris Nashville Church and are looking to serve more there with time! We love travel, hosting and pouring into people, great food+drinks and have an immense desire to watch our son, Ari grow in his identity in God via the power of the Holy Spirit and balanced truth from His word. We love staying as active as possible. We love working out and try to challenge ourselves more in the things we take on in that area of our life!

I often struggle to reconcile dreams that I had pre-motherhood with post-motherhood. What are you wrestling to find time for?

I am wrestling more with trying to find outlets for my dreams with ministry and Hollywood.. Even on a simpler level, just being able to do a work where I am inspired with my creative ability in design; both in fashion and interior.

We know there's few things more vulnerable than birthing a baby, whatever way you did...Share a funny or honest or sobering moment when something happened that put you way outside your comfort zone.

Yesterday night in letting Ari crawl around without a diaper because he's currently getting over a yeast infection.. I was letting him "breathe" and I turned around from cooking to find him smashing poop on the floor in his feet and hands.. About to insert into his mouth.

On her favorite quote: "People do not care what you know, until they know that you care."

On her favorite quote: "People do not care what you know, until they know that you care."

Expectation vs. Reality: Share a time when these were awfully unbalanced.

Ha!! Me expecting Ari would be fully sleeping through the night DEFINITELY by 7Mo! He just turned 1 and is pretty much doing it, with the occasional soothing himself back to sleep now and again. Keeping me more on my knees in prayer than on my toes :)

What do you hope your children know about you? and/or What do you hope to impart to your children?

I hope they see that I always turned to Christ, no matter how big or small and that we followed Him ferociously. I pray that he will take this and repeat it from an extremely young age and crawl/walk in God's mighty power.

What have you done in the past week that you are proud of?

Every single morning I've done my new Kayla Istines "Bikini Body" workout that is a 24 week program paired with nutritional guide. It gives me hope, goals, a challenge and more energy

Ma Dreams is a project I started this year (2015) after having a creative craving that I felt like I couldn't quench. As a recent first-time mom I've found it extremely hard to find time for the things I love in addition to my sweet babe. I guessed that most moms feel the same. To brings us together and remind Ma's of their dreams too I started this series. Read more here: Ma Dreams.