Maternity: Callie

During my pregnancy one of my best friends (who also happened to be pregs at the time) gifted me a series of prenatal yoga classes. I had taken Bikram-style yoga previously but this definitely re-ignited my love for yoga. And since having Harper, I've found I need it. Taking even just once a week keeps me sane in a lot of ways. I try and practice three times a week at Hot Yoga of East Nashville but most weeks only make it once or twice. Recently I was able to take maternity photos an expecting yogi who teaches yoga as well as all things beauty. 

I am easily overwhelmed. There are lots of things I have to do each day to remind myself that everyone is okay, including me. Yoga is one of these things I do to stay calm and remember. Yoga is like a Sabbath; it’s how I prove to myself that I am not in charge, that if I drop off the face of the earth for an hour with no other goal than to breathe, the world will keep spinning without me. Because, as it turns out, I am not the one causing it to spin. I’m just along for the ride. I practice yoga to find quiet and peace and stillness: to prove to myself that those things exist. I also practiced yoga to learn how not to be bothered by things that are out of my control. That’s how I want to be. And people have to practice if they ever hope to be how they want to be.
— Glennon Melton