A Day In the Life: August

This is me attempting to capture the beautiful and hard of a day in the life with my two boys.

5:30a I nurse Ezra in a near dream state of mind, today letting him nurse while I lay on my side to get in just a few more rest minutes. He's sleepy too but his hunger has won, he keeps falling in and out of sleeping always startling himself awake when my nipple slips from his mouth.

6:30a I get Ezra back to sleep in his bassinet and decide to make coffee and have some time to myself. Mere minutes after I start the water, Harper waddles out in his sleep sac, stroking his hair. When I pick him up and the first thing he notices is my hair is in a ponytail. "Uh-oh" he says through his "bop" (pacifier), he wants my hair down so he can stroke while he rests his head on my shoulder. It's so sweet and I never want to forget these morning moments, yet in the same breath I just want coffee!

7:00a Today is day two of potty training.


7:30a I try to go to the bathroom and privacy but I need to tell Harper for the umpteenth time to be gentle when he is hugging his brother. Then Harper barges in the bathroom dancing to some song and running from the kitchen to the bathroom mirror checking himself out. It's so hilarious I forget that I'm frustrated.

7:50a #brelfie of the day. Ezra latches so well, he has since day one. My letdown still spurts out like a firehose, which chokes him up a bit, but he eats like a champ! This photo also marks one of the best moments in my breastfeeding journeys; he unlatched himself, looked up at me and smiled. As if to say "thanks mama".

9:30a Harper's real into blowing raspberries and he thinks Ezra will think they are just the greatest. I have to tell him at least once a day, "please don't spit on your brother! You can spit in your room."

10:30a It's been one of those mornings where as soon as I get Harper set and ready, Ezra needs a diaper change and as soon as I get Ezra's diaper changed, Harper poops. I switch between them like this for what feels like an hour! But we are finally leaving for the park and someone's a little excited about it.

11:30 Harper plays while I listen to a *really* good podcast called "You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes" in which he interviews Science Mike. I'm stunned by Mikes journey of baptist to atheist to faith in God again. Stunned.

2:30 I decide to make dinner during nap so as to make the often meltdown time go a little smoother. Here's the aftermath. You could say I'm a messy dinner prepper. Heh.

2:45 Post nap cartoons, still in sleepy daze. Before I had kids I swore I wouldn't let them watch TV and held onto a lot of guilt about it when we first started letting Harper watch Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. Now, I realize as a mama sometimes you need to do what you gotta do.

3:30 We play in Harper's room while I also try and clean it. Harper thinks Ezra need his lovies, Maple and Kitty Sunshine.

6pm Papa's home! He takes a few timeless portraits of me and Ezra. I'm wearing my new nursing dress that is unbelievably comfortable!

8:20pm Erin and I go to the Woods Coffee on the bay and catch the sunset and continue much-needed girl time for both of us. Not to mention MUCH NEEDED no-kids time.

The day ended with more nursing, me watching some Bloodline and falling fast asleep. I did realize though, there are no snaps of Tyler today! He works so hard for us from 6am to 5pm everyday - somehow in the transition from his getting home from work and me going out, I missed an opportunity to take his picture!

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