I heard recently that trees have an underground root system. Which of course I knew, but they have an invisible-to-the-naked-eye system within that. Tiny fungal roots full of color, thinner than a piece of hair, and hollow. Through this highway of communication, trees help each other and the fungi by sending nutrients. If a tree is dying, another tree might send nutrients that said tree needs. They do not have to be the same type of tree, a pine might send something to a cedar. It actually works better that way, different ages, species, etc near each other create a diverse amount of nutrients. (You can visit Radio Lab's site to learn more.) Ever since I heard the podcast I can't stop thinking about this being the way community or humanity in general has the potential to operate.

Taken on a sunday drive on Mt. Baker Hwy in Summer.

We may not have a root system between us but if you listen close enough and pay intentional attention to humanity around you. You just might find that where you see need or feel need, you carry the very "nutrient" within you to help. You have something to offer always, even when you feel down.

How do you most notice the connection we all share?