10 Years from Now


list how youre life might be 10 years from now

a writing prompt from the journal "52 lists"

A lot of things will be different. We will (hopefully) see the other side of this presidency. Melissa McCarthy will be impersonating someone who doesn't inflame so many so much that the comic relief is like water in a desert. Social change, that has been needed for so long, will have made progress and we will be advocating for the marginalized people of present time 2027 (*gasp*).

I digress, this is not a post about how I hope the world will be different in ten years. It's a post about the hopes for how my life might look in ten years. It was a writing prompt in The 52 Lists Project that (l'm awfully behind in). I wrote some thoughts and then a brief paragraph fantasizing about what a day-in-the-life 10 years from now might look like and it was so enjoyable I wanted to share. After reading over the off-the-cuff thoughts I wrote I realized the majority could fit into three categories:

Simple & Slow

Present Over Perfect is one of the three books I'm casually reading and each time I find time to do so something resonated so deeply I almost think I could have written this book somewhere in the multiverse. The subtitle is "Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living ". She talks about her life as a writer, mother, wife and traveling speaker, her gluttony for life, always moving and doing and overcommitting. If I were at a public reading or a conference wherein she was speaking I would have sunk lower and lower in my seat as she listed my own faults. Specifically the overcommitting bit and specifically when it comes to social engagements and planning others celebrations-- because if you know me you know I love the celebrate anything and everything because... LIFE!

Yet when we moved to Bellingham, after the chaos that is moving, I found myself forced to learn to rest. Not rest like sleep, that was definitely not happening; finding deep, grounding, soulful rest. Now, nine months postpartum and ten months since our move I feel more settled and free than ever.  Next comes the practice of mindfulness, learning to keep at this slow living. This fueled my imagination as I imagined our life ten years from now... 

My alarm rings to wake me from a full night's rest. (No longer are there little babes toddling in at 6:30am.) I roll over to my husband, we are going on 15 years of marriage. We've had some hard times but we are happily married. The depth of relationship past conflict has caused has made our beginning years look like we were near strangers. The boys, now 11 & 13, are already awake but have poured themselves some cereal. They're working on homework for school and/or (probably more likely) scrolling on whatever social media is popular by then. Tyler is home from work travel and his days home are busy but not frantic. He doesn't have to be to the office until a late morning meeting so he walks the boys to school. After they leave I pour my second cup of coffee and sit down in my home-office to work at my next writing deadline. We live in the pacific northwest still. Our house is small, maybe not a tiny house but definitely not any bigger than what we need and hopefully still walking distance from a large body of water. We keep up the tradition of family hiking on Saturdays or Sundays, it's our church.


We make a modest income, nothing outrageous but definitely more than we expected. We may have gotten swept away throughout the years, buying things we didn't need, but for the most part we keep it simple valuing experiences over material things. We are intentional with our resources and hope to always stay generous with all the resources we have. We are possibly in the beginning stages of adopting an older child but because I have no framework to know what that might look like, where this child might be from or the circumstances, this is where my imagination ends.

We have framily dinners every week -- even the ones Ty is away. This is how we stay intentional with relationships we deeply care for and continue showing up even on the weeks we feel beat up by life's circumstances. We see our friends as family and also pursue our biological family consistently.

Curious & Empathetic

Our curiosity will hopefully never find an end. I for one can devour memoirs and self-improvement books like food. I've always been this way, never finding much interest in fiction books, which drives Ty mad. We both listen to a handful of podcasts each week about the world we live in, exposing ourselves to others' experiences of life and knowledge beyond our own. We stay curious about ourselves and how we operate, how we might better love one another and people outside our home.

It's hard for me to include or imagine our relationship with our boys.  They are so young that I've only had fleeting glimpses into what they might be like. But my hope is they'll fully believe and embrace what we tell them every night: they are love and accepted.

What an extremely encouraging exercise. In the past prompts like this would give me anxiety. Mostly because I feared the future for so long because I felt I needed to have crazy amounts of success in my career, not realizing success is beyond that.  

*originally posted March 7, 2017