Little E at 10 months

I wish I could say I've kept a journal the entirety of your tiny life but I can't. Life and motherhood and grocery runs and doctor appointments and quality time with you, your brother and your papa are among the reasons I haven't. I just hope one day when you see your brothers baby book you’ll forgive me. And if you’re still mad, you’ll get it when you have kids. Plus, better now than never.

You're 10 months in a few days. As I write this you’ve just woken from your nap, too early as usual. You’re a mama's boy through and through so it only makes sense that “mama” is the only word you say. Papa gets a little jealous sometimes and I remind him I have the goods (booby milk). The other morning though, he was holding you and when I held my hands out to hold you, you nuzzled into his chest. It really was the sweetest and I know so special to him.

You’re kind of a terrible sleeper I must say. You wake pretty consistently 2-3 times a night. We've tried to let you fuss it out but then Harper comes waddling into our room to let us know you're if we don't know already. I often pull you into bed with us because it's just easier. I also have a black and blue knee because I keep hitting it on the corner of our bed every time I go to tend to your cries. I know you will outgrow this, I’m just hoping it’s sooner rather than later. Nevertheless, your sweetness at night, the way you hold my finger while you nurse is something I know I will ache for once it’s gone. During the day nursing is seeming like a nuisance to you. You nurse a bit and then pull off and look for your brother. My guess is you think nursing is just delaying you from all the things you want to explore around your stationary spot on the living room floor.

Which brings me to movement. Up until just recently you haven’t at all interested in crawling or even pulling up. You are sitting up, have been for some time now but I suppose If you want something you have me, brother or papa to bring it to you so maybe motivation is lacking? But this month you’ve been getting on all fours and rocking. More often than not you rock for a minute and then get into some form of downward dog on your way back up to sitting. You also learned to wave and clap this past month and its heart-meltingly cute. Anytime you hear music or see one of us clap, you clap.

Your hair is long and keeps getting in your face. I've tried clipping it to the side but you inevitably pull the clip out and/or you look like a baby girl. You've got the most adorable, cheesiest grin that quickly sweeps across your face every time me or your papa walk in the door (whoever has been away). You love your brother and often sit in awe of him while he's concentrating on his train set or building a tower with blocks. You love taking a bath with brother as well. You splash without care and look surprised when you get water in your eyes.

Lastly, you are such a good eater! Breastfeeding is and has always gone pretty great. (Except a few days somewhere around the time you cut your first teeth. Ouch!) I just learned today how to feed you in the Ergo which is perfect for all the summer adventures we’re about to go on. You’ve been eating solids as well, since around 4 months. You could fill up on banana and you love sweet potatoes and any sort of pear or apple puree.

* inspired to start now by a beautiful online mothers journal, the stork & the beanstalk.