I Have a Three-Year-Old

WHAT? I know, I know, all the moms say it "savor all the moments, they go by fast!" While I don't want to savor every moment, I do want to continue working on being present with you. A friend once told us that it was better when they spent one accumulative hour throughout the day being intentional, making a point to have eye-contact time with their children than distracted time all day. I’ve tried to apply this method more and more during your third year. On especially busy days it curbs my mom-guilt. It also helps you stay integrated (content / tantrum-free) most of the day, especially when we kick off the day with mama-harper reading/building blocks/playing time.

This present-minded intention helps me see your deep blue ocean-like eyes. They're something I forget to see on the days I’m busy hustling to keep the house clean, or get my next writing project done or funny enough, edit photos of you instead of being with you. When I choose to be on the floor, undistracted by my screen or to-do lists, I’m in awe of this little human you’ve become. 

You’ve grown mostly in height since last year, the majority of your pants are highwaters and shirts show your belly button when you raise your hands. Alongside physical growth, your vocabulary is wildly bigger. You often say and use words properly I didn’t even know you knew and it kind of blows my mind!

Playing pretend is a new pastime even in just the past three months, especially in your little play kitchen. Anytime you make me pretend food it’s strawberry banana flavored. (i.e. strawberry-banana pizza) And mostly you pretend make all the foods you love—pancakes, all types of berries, hot dogs (they’re really chicken sausages), muffins, mac & cheese, quesadillas, and grilled cheese to name a few. In recent potty-training efforts we’ve given you m&ms for treats and you’ve discovered what the black polka-dots are in mama’s pancakes so you’ll occasionally just straight up ask for “chwalkit” (chocolate). It’s kind of adorable. You also ask for apple juice at least once a day. Somehow you figured out that I water it down and now ask for "apple JWUICE not apple water”.

You LOVE Yoosic (Music) - I’m sure lots of kids sing and dance around the house. It only makes sense since it’s before we learn we “can’t” but you are singing nonstop these days, always want music and ask “what’s dis’ song mama?” whenever we are out or at home listening to Spotify.

You LOVE Yoosic (Music) - I’m sure lots of kids sing and dance around the house. It only makes sense since it’s before we learn we “can’t” but you are singing nonstop these days, always want music and ask “what’s dis’ song mama?” whenever we are out. I’ve never raised a two-almost-three year old so like I said, maybe all kids do this but I’ve found it especially fantastic. If I had to say your top favorite songs, I would guess - 

  1. “Little Bird, Little Bird” by Elizabeth Mitchell

  2. “Stompy The Bear” by Caspar Babypants

  3. “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift

  4. “Uptown Funk” Bruno Mars

  5. “Don’t Worry About A Thing” cover by Elizabeth Mitchell

It’s almost 9p and you just waddled out of your bedroom saying “it’s too hard to sleep” and slumped onto the ground. Although 9p is not the norm, getting you to bed at night is a little like whack-a-mole. But once you’re asleep, you don’t normally wake until 6:30/7a unless you have a scary dream. For awhile you were having scary dreams about a train being in your room. I told you once to tell the train “this is my room, go away train!” We heard you in the monitor saying it out loud and I think it worked because now we are back to loving Thomas.


A few moments I wish to savor forever. I wish we caught them all on video, but I suppose the best moments never are...

  • Once, on a family walk you picked up two sticks and crossed them, rubbing one back and forth saying “look mama, it’s a violin!” (I didn’t even know you knew what a violin was!)

  • The other day you ate something spicy and you asked Papa to blow in your mouth because it was (spicy) hot. Your innocent life logic is just the best.

  • When I point out that you’ve put your shoes on the wrong feet, you say “I’m like it that way” as if you meant to. Which really is kind of hilarious.

Words and things you say and do often. A few of which, if I’m honest, I could probably live without.

  • You want to do e v e r y t h i n g by yourself. It's teaching me to have oodles and oodles more patience.

  • You make faces and then say “hey mama! watch dis' siwwy face”

  • Somehow instead of saying “I made this for you” you say “I made this to you”. Even when you’re repeating me you’ll change “for” to “to”.

  • Started saying “this is my favorite” for anything and everything you like.

  • Currently your favorites are: Thomas and Friends (you know so many of their names!), Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Puffin Rock. Family hikes & walks, especially to the playground, Richard Scarry, the F.I.G. museum. You affectionately call Boulevard Park “the Choo Choo by the big water” and it’s your immediate response when we ask you what you want to do on any given day.

  • Walking a trail with you takes f o r e v e r and we often have to resolve that we will not be finishing the trail. It's just because you’re so curious about all the things— a pinecone, flower, stick, puddle of mud— it all deserves to be seen up close.

  • “Sometimes this does that?”, is your standard question format when you are asking how something works: "Sometimes crackers grow on a tree?"

  • “colg” (cold), “traaaayall” (trail), “nooseyim” (museum),

Basically, Papa and I love you a whole lot and get so much joy from watching you grow.