Horseshoe Bend, Mt. Baker Hwy

I never used to be spontaneous, or at least if I was it was pretend spontaneous. I really had a plan in mind. Yet, these days I've found a comfortable dance between the planner in me and my free spirit. Maybe it's moving to the northwest, maybe it's marrying Ty but I definitely know a major player is the flexibility required by motherhood.

Enter the scene this two weekends ago, we got the kids bundled up, we were trying to make it out the door before our littlest's nap so he would (hopefully) sleep in the car. We had our trusty Whatcom County hiking book in hand, some snacks for the day and bundled enough (or so we thought). As we were about to walk out the door I looked out our dreamy big bay window to see SNOW, again. [See post entitled '"Last" Snow".] We had already fought and won the distractedness of a two-year-old and his need to do everything independently; the last thing we wanted to do was stop and think of what else we might need for snow. 

We grabbed everyones snow coat last minute (had to wipe poo off Harpers - the story is long but really all you need to know is potty training is an adventure, *eye-roll*). I was already wearing my hiking boots and Ty just shrugged as he looked down at his minimalist running shoes. 

We arrived at our trailhead just past Glacier, WA - Horseshoe Bend - to mounds of snow and snow still falling. Harper kept saying "woah, woah" as he looked out his window. This is when we really took in and processed that Harper was wearing tennis shoes and water-absorbent corduroy pants. We cautiously smiled and shrugged exchanging the shared thought: "we'll see how this goes". We were expecting all the whine in the first five minutes but let me tell you, he was a TROOPER and even more, it was almost as if he didn't even notice because even after our short trail walk he wanted to build a snowman! 

Horseshoe Bend trail (at the 35.4 mile post on Mount Baker Hwy) was beautiful with the Nooksack River to our right the whole time soundtracking our walk with rushing river noises. We barely walked a quarter of the 2.4mi trail in an effort to be proactive since Tys feet were numb, surely Harper was going to start whining soon. (But seriously, he never did.) Not to mention so much of the trail was covered in inches snow it was hard to follow.

We drove the 45min back into town while listening to "Ask Me Another" and beamed as todays spontaneity was successful. Ezra finally fell asleep and Harper warmed up in his carseat underneath my sweater with his raisins and Dr. Seuss book.

*Disclaimer to those mamas who wish their child was chill like is not always so. Taking an almost 3yo on a trail is a risk but we've been doing it since he could walk which has bought us a little predicability.