North Lake Whatcom

We recently watched the movie Inside Out. We loved it although would recommend a different title. If you havent seen it, the movie essentially brings animation to the 5 major emotions we operate out of: anger, disgust, joy, sadness and fear. Granted, these are very limited adjectives we rarely feel these emotions exclusively but to tell the story in the movie they are presented as such. Ultimately the story reveals that substantial joy comes out of sadness. (Or at least that's what I got out of it.)

Which is a sentiment I would say is in part, the story of the past two years for me. After a semi-"blah" cloudy morning, we opted to get outside (even though we didn't feel like it) and explored a bit of Lake Whatcom. While walking the trail, both babes in the stroller (it's like a date sometimes!) we asked ourselves and each other: in "Inside Out" terms what is the dominant character that runs our emotions? Try answering that one on a whim! I love is that I married a man unafraid of self-awareness. Even moreso, a man who cares to pursue becoming moreso.

I want to write a long blog exploring some of these ideas soon, but for now enjoy some photos trying to capture the beauty that's in our back yard. (I have to pinch myself sometimes when we discover new whaaaaa? this is only x miles from us??)