Vancouver Aquarium & Tulips

We had just left the Roozengaard on our way to lunch when my mom got a call from a local number. Strange because who in Mount Vernon knows my mom? They tell her they found her wallet, we must have left it on the roof of the car. While I she went on to talk about how we could retrieve it, I got lost in my thoughts tracing my steps and if it were me who left it on the roof before we drove off. No clear picture came to mind because getting two kids in the car, folding down the stroller, snack bribery, it can all be a whirlwind! The folks who had picked up her wallet drove to where we were to return it -- with all the cash still inside -- proving once again the kindness and goodness of humanity.

I wish I could say that was the only hiccup of her stay here but I can't. I also locked my keys in the car at one point and a phone was left overnight at a coffee shop. Ha! I'd like to say it was because we were being so present-minded that we spaced, but I dont think that was the case. Just one of those weeks!

Mishaps aside, I thought we had a really great week spent seeing tulips, going to the aquarium and shamelessly binging on Chicago Fire after the boys were in bed. Along with celebrating Harper turning 3 and Easter. If I'm counting correctly, my mom has made five trips out to see us since we moved from Nashville. I'm thankful for her pursuit and intentionality with the boys and our little family.

Just a side note -- I'm really blown away by all the tulips everywhere! Yes, we went to see the fields and gardens of every variety but I'm telling you, they have sprung up all over the place. Every house in our neighborhood (including ours!) has a few springing up in their yard and I even found one springing up next to our trashcan in the alley! (There's probably a metaphor for the beauty of life in that.)

If you live close enough I highly recommend both of our outings we did while she was in town. The Vancouver Aquarium is just great and the Roozengaard is breathtaking!