One Year

There are pros and cons to being the second child. I don't know them from direct experience because I was the only and the oldest. But I now know from a parent point of view. For instance...

 PRO: You got to eat REAL, sugary cake for your 1st birthday, H had to wait until he was two.

CON: My first got a pretty stinking awesome party with real invited sent by mail, I texted our friends for a party three days before. 

I'm sure it all evens out in the end, right? I mean, you did get cake…real chocolatey cake…and you freaking loved it.

E: Growth + Personality

You pull up on things. You’ve been doing this for sometime now, but it really wasn’t until this past month that you’d pull up on more than just mine or papa’s hands. Now you pull up on Harper and I’m sure you can imagine how funny that is at times.

You crawl. Again, something you’ve been doing since Harpers birthday back in April but it’s important to note that you’ve gotten crazy fast.

Your personality has really started shining. You’ve got smiles a plenty, you wave and say “bah, bah, bah”, you also say “mamamamamama” (it’s never just two syllables), you point and say “derh” - we assume you mean “there” but who knows.  You enjoy throwing things off your high chair for the sole purpose to say “uh oh”. At your one year check up you didn’t cry a tear after a vaccine and not one, not two but THREE tow pokes. (He was having trouble getting enough blood.) It was like you were invisible and infinitely full of smiles. You also try to babble-sing along with Harper and love to dance when he does. You and Harpers bond is something I envy having not grown up with my siblings but also one I just find too sentimental to put into words.

You started really wanting your way. It’s as if all this time Harper has pushed you to the side, taken you toys, eaten your food (he loves the baby food…especially the apples that are really just applesauce) and you’re fed up. You look and sound like a cuffing baby bear or a squeaking bird. You get red in the face and almost shake when he takes things away from you or when we shut the dishwasher, you’re favorite place to pull up and pull out every piece of silverware. (Don’t worry the dangerous things like knives are never put in or always taken out first.)

You nuzzle your face into mine and lay your head on my shoulder. I’m pretty cuddly and I’m proud to say somehow it rubbed off on both you and your brother. Possibly the sweetest greeting I’ve ever gotten is the way you crawl over to me and lay your head in my lap. That’s your “hello” and it melts me. 

You have a token baby man bun most days. This is of course when you let me pull you hair back which you are reluctant to do and I normally get that baby bear wuff I was talking about. I also trimmed the mullet you had going on because, well, it was a mullet.

You play better than I remember Harper but I think that's because you watch him play. You are already in love with all his trains that you push across the kitchen floor. You also love the many kazoos floating around. It's like you knew just what to do when you picked one up. (They were left over from Harpers birthday a few months ago.) And you love tapping your hand over your mouth and making an "ahhhh" noise.

You wave, sign "all done", say mama & papa and now pull at my chest when you want milk. Which simultaneously makes me feel sentimental about nursing and also makes me want to cold-turkey ween you.

Eating + Sleep

YOU STARTED SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. This may seem like a shocker because so many people love to talk about how quickly their baby slept through the night. I was one of these mothers. I thought I had it alllll figured out because Harper slept through the night at three months. Baby Wise Shmaby Wise you two are different children! And I of course am a different mama. We’ve pretty much been playing musical beds for the past 6 months and on the eve of your very first birthday you gave me the present of sleep and I could’ve cried. I know how important sleep is, the exhaustion meltdown has hit me way more than once. Yet, those sweet night nursings, coos at 2am, the cuddliest snuggles…those are the majority of my memory the more time passes. (And the more sleep I get.)

Eating has picked up and you’re only nursing three times a day. (Although you’d think you were starving the way you pull at my chest for comfort nurses.) Among your favorites are bread, pancakes, bananas, grapes, sweet potatoes, beets. Yes, beets! I took you to Food Co-op the other day and we ate from the hot bar & salad bar and you could not get enough steamed beets in your mouth. It was quite the fuchsia colored mess. Oh! And crackers, all the crackers. There really hasn’t been a food met with absolute disgust except avocados. One day you’ll realize avocados are so tasty and you’ve been missing out.

Lastly, we got you an adorable wooden walker for your birthday and you love it so much. You walk a few steps and then bounce up and down excitedly like you’re so proud of yourself. It’s so dang cute!