Thoughts from a journal entry back when Ezra was just a wee one, a newborn maybe just a month old and me starting to realize postpartum depression was butting her head in. It's so beautiful and still warms my heart to think about this moment I hope I forever cherish.





Wanted, needed


Somehow those beautiful dark brown eyes convey deep emotions. I don't remember letting Harper in this much, feeling loved to my core by this little being.  I was probably too caught up in the new-to-motherhood worries to be present. 

I laid there with Ezra on my chest in the bath, reminded of the feeling of having him laid on my chest after birth. A warm comfort of being a nurturer. All this baby wants, needs, is me. His little body stretched out along my stomach where he once called home, his eyes gazing up at mine, and the sweetest suckle at my breast. A timeless moment when time seemingly stood still.