Remembering the 'hood.


Parenthood. The days are l o n g and the years short. We all want to remember the special moments — even daily life — that made up this magical chaotic time. Most of us have an incredible tool to do so in your back pocket — your phone camera! Yet when we go to take a photo half the time our storage is full and the other half the moment is gone before we can even snap a decent photo. So what do you do? 


Auto-backup your photos ASAP.

If you've never done this is might take a while. Set it on your nightstand and let it backup while you sleep! This clears space from your phone and helps get them to that ever-elusive cloud. (Later, I’ll teach you what to do with those photos after they’re up there in the cloud.) When I had an iPhone I used dropbox auto-backup which was super helpful because it not only got the photos off my phone but can auto-download them onto your computer! What a game-changer. Now that I have a Google phone (the Pixel 2, which I love as much or more than my iPhone) my photos auto back up to google photos (which is something you can utilize if you have an iPhone too!) There are plenty out there that help get those photos off your dang phone so you can take a photo without deleting a few to make space. Here's a few I would reccomend:

1. Google Drive

2. Dropbox

3. iCloud

Remember: a few snaps is sometimes better (and more real) than a well composed photograph. 

I have some family members that refuse to be cooperative when photos are being taken. They either make a ridiculous non-authentic face or worse turn their face completely. I noticed as my first son got older he started doing the same. When he sees my camera he’ll stop, pop his hip out, put his hand on his hip and point in the air like he’s giving all glory to god. So sometimes I even just do a little think I like to call “hip snapping” when I take my phone out and just hold it down by my hip and use the side buttons to take photos. Possibly only 1 out of 33 turn out but they feel more real.

Trying to recreate the moment or over compose can end up taking the life out of the moment. 

Don’t get me wrong, I want a well composed photograph as much as the next photog mom, but sometimes it’s causing us to miss the LIFE. This is why we love Instagram stories and Snapchat. They don't have to be pretty!

Here's my very basic tips

  1. Forget about social media - sure, post it so grandma can see… but after the fact. Stop taking photos for social media. They’re for you and your family.
  2. Practice snapping photos from your hip (hip-snapping if you will)
  3. Share if you want, add it to your photobook library (ie: chapbooks, Shutterfly, etc) (which you can use as a visual journal too!) or just let auto-backup take care of it.

Ideally you'll add photos to a photo journal or get them printed in a photo book one day. (I'll post some sort of how-to on that too.) For now just focus on the staying present but still finding tangible ways to treasure daily & special moments.

Felicia DoughertyComment