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North Lake Whatcom

We recently watched the movie Inside Out (I know, we're way behind). We loved it although would recommend a different title. If you havent seen it, the movie essentially brings animation to the 5 major emotions we operate out of: anger, disgust, joy, sadness and fear. Granted, these are very limited adjectives we rarely feel these emotions exclusively but to tell the story in the movie they are presented as such. Ultimately the story reveals that substantial joy comes out of sadness. (Or at least that's what I got out of it.) While walking the trail, both babes in the stroller (it's like a date sometimes!) we asked ourselves and each other: in "Inside Out" terms what is the dominant character that runs our emotions? 

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Vancouver Aquarium & Tulips

I'm really kind of blown away by all the tulips everywhere! Yes, we went to see the fields and gardens of every variety but I'm telling you, they have sprung up all over the place. Every house in our neighborhood (including ours!) has a few springing up in their yard and I even found one springing up next to our trashcan in the alley! (There's probably a metaphor for the beauty of life in that.)

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Lake Whatcom + Lake Padden

I've never really likes lakes. Which is sort of an awful thing to say about creation in general but I never understood why you would set a day aside to enjoy a lake when there's the ocean. The sea holds an immense amount of mystery, looking out into it bubbles up all sorts of emotions for me. The bigness of this world, the smallness of mine, awe, tears even. Lakes, what do they offer? 

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