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10 Years from Now

My alarm rings to wake me from a full night's rest. (No longer are there little babes toddling in at 6:30am.) I roll over to my husband, we are going on 15 years of marriage. We've had some hard times but we are happily married. The depth of relationship past conflict has caused has made our beginning years look like we were near strangers. The boys, now 11 & 13, are already awake but have poured themselves some cereal. They're working on homework for school and/or (probably more likely) scrolling on whatever social media is popular by then. Tyler is home from work travel and his days home are busy but not frantic. He doesn't have to be to the office until a late morning meeting so he walks the boys to school. After they leave I pour my second cup of coffee and sit down in my home-office to work at my next writing deadline. We live in the pacific northwest still. Our house is small, maybe not a tiny house but definitely not any bigger than what we need and hopefully still walking distance from a large body of water. 

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