frequently asked questions


general photography // q+a

Do you photograph weddings? Not as often as babies and families, but I'd love to! Send me a message for pricing.

Are you available for travel? Of course! Travel expenses will be added to session cost.

When should I have my maternity photos taken? Anytime after 33 weeks I think is best.

Where should I print my photos? I recommend printing directly from the client gallery I deliver. This will be the highest quality. 

storytelling photography // q+a

What would it be like to have a birth photographer? My hope is that you might not even notice I'm there capturing this beautiful day. I will say this again and again, your comfort is priority. I will step out at times to give you space and feel free to kick me out! Every birth is different, my goal is to be calm and flexible throughout the birthing process. 

When should I hire a photographer for my life event? As soon as you have a for sure date, reach out to me! For births specifically, I only take two, on occasion three, births per month. This causes my calendar to fill quickly! If you know you want a birth photographer I'd recommend going ahead and contacting me as soon as you have a guess date.