I’m so excited to document this stage in your growing family. Before I do, here’s a few things you should know before our session. . .

I am a lifestyle photographer so my style is more natural & candid instead of posed.

This means that while I will get the shot of the whole family cooing and looking adorably at the baby but I will not use many posing props. I may give you some natural posing ideas but will not tell you to look at the camera and “cheese” (too much). Below you can find a few example shots of my style.


I — mostly -- don’t care what you wear. The goal is to capture YOU and your family!

You know how you feel after you get a your hair cut and your hair is all blown out and silky smooth? Or when you feel beautiful even though you’re simply wearing your favorite blouse you've worn at least 50 times? That’s how i want you to feel. Like the best version of YOU. If you don’t wear make-up, or when you do it’s more natural looking, don’t use this session to try that new lip shade. This being said there are a few style tips I like to convey. . .

What to wear: You & Family: Keep it simple. Like I said, wear what you feel comfortable in. Though, graphics and mis match patterns tend to not look very good in photos. Think solid colors!

My house, should I clean it? I have zero preconceived ideas about how hard it is to keep the house clean in the newborn stage. Been there, took out the smelly dirty diaper trash, took a nap, left the dishes in the sink, the works. Please do not hire a cleaner or stress out about a perfectly pristine your house should look. All I suggest is to pick up the areas you love the most. Maybe the living room or the nursery. Tip: the photos will not capture dust! Maybe just pick up the rooms with the most window light?


Last, but most important reminder: I will go with the flow.

Need to feed the baby? Noob has a blowout? Big sis (or bro) is having a meltdown? We can take a break, a deep breath and I will gladly wait for whatever you need to do. I have the time blocked out, there is no rush. :)